Fleet and Asset Tracking

Stay up-to-date with fleet tracking and asset tracking.

Save money and secure your property with Upstate Alarm.

Know where your property is, no matter where you are. With Upstate Alarm’s fleet and asset tracking, you can easily track your fleet and your assets. Get up to date locations and information with the push of a button.

Pinpoint Security

With Upstate Alarm’s Fleet & Asset Tracking, oversee fleet routes and secure important assets.

Want to lower gas budgets? Optimize fleet routes, speeding and idle times, reducing your overall fuel cost.

Worried about expensive equipment left on the job? Get email/text alerts when assets leave a geo-targeted area.

Know where your assets and people are.

The Upstate Advantage

  • Passionate
  • Local Service
  • Quality
  • Affordable

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Think outside of the “big” box, with Upstate Alarm.

Get superior quality and local, personal service with affordable service plans and our exclusive Rate Lock Guarantee.

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