Commercial Access Control

Cloud Based Access Solutions. Enjoy control via web interface or mobile app with zero need for server or software management.
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Wired Access Solutions

Businesses are placing more emphasis on security than ever before. One of the ways businesses and property owners seek to enhance security is via access control protocols. Having the ability to manage who has access to your business and when, increases the safety of your people and your property.  Our access control solutions include:

  • Cloud connected and modular control panels give you flexibility to build and manage your access system to your liking.
  • An array of reading solutions, including Proximity, Keypad and Bluetooth gives you the ability to choose how people enter your building.
  • A variety of access credentials including key fob, card / badge, pin code and Brivo Mobile Pass gives you the ability to offer secure and convenient options for entry.

Our wired access solutions offer security and convenience.


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Wireless Access Solutions

When it comes to protection for multi-tenant properties, or office suites, sometimes we find the door type and hardware is not designed for wired access.  Other times, the costs to wire each door may not be feasible. Property owners can now offer commercial-grade wireless security locks, and connect them to our access control platform.   

  • Cylindrical and mortise options are available to work with most doors.
  • Choose from integrated or detached reader, giving you the look you desire.
  • A variety of lock options including color, handle style, and function allow you to customize each door to your liking.

Wireless security solutions take indoor security one step further.

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Remote Access

Our cloud-based access control system offers the most user friendly and convenient remote management platform.  Unlike traditional access control systems, there’s no software to download.  Our access control solutions can be managed from any computer or smart device via a web browser or mobile app.  Simple to login, and easy to make changes.  Some features include: 

  • Unlock doors from your phone, no need to drive back when someone forgets their key.
  • View activity in real time or pull a report to understand who’s been in your building.
  • Manage user access, door settings and schedules from anywhere via the web portal.

Our cloud platform gives you the ability to manage your building access from anywhere.

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Our Process

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System Design

We use innovative security features to ensure the best possible systems for our clients.


Our expert security technicians will install your system correctly, so you can start using it right away.

Cloud Stored Data

Cloud based service keeps your important information safe and secure. We offer safety solutions on all fronts.


When you need us, we are ready to help you maintain and service your system.

Technology / Products


Brivo offers encrypted cloud-based information protection for individuals and companies. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Brivo prioritizes security over all else.