Commercial Video Surveillance

We design custom video surveillance systems to give each of our clients the personalized solution they’re looking for.
Comm - Visible Video

Video Solutions

Video surveillance has improved the ways we can monitor activity around a commercial property. With the continuous advancements in surveillance technology, we can now offer a wide variety of viewing options.  These may include:

  • Dome, bullet and turret cameras are most often used for general coverage.
  • PTZ cameras are typically utilized for zooming, auto tracking, etc.
  • Fisheye cameras provide 360° overhead coverage, panoramic cameras for 180° coverage
  • Multi- Sensor cameras are great for seeing around corners or in multiple directions.

Taking video surveillance to the next level has never been easier.

Comm - Visible Video
Comm - Specialty Solutions

Custom Video Solutions

For property owners who have a specific need or concern, or they want their video solution to do more for them, we have options.  Maybe you want to get a license plate?  Maybe you want to be notified if someone enters an unauthorized area?  Maybe you want to make searching video easier for yourself?  We understand that not all commercial businesses have such extensive security needs, but we don’t let that deter us from being prepared for when we get the call:

  • License Plate Recognition can significantly increase the authority’s ability to serve justice.
  • Thermal cameras and Radar technology are highly accurate detection tools for the sake of getting accurate notifications.
  • Searching becomes easier with video analytics and AI features.
  • Live video monitoring with speaker control is a great way to prevent issues.

To us, there’s no such thing as being too secure.

Comm - Remote services

Remote Services

Video surveillance technology already provides an added level of protection, but that protection is enhanced when combined with remote access. From your mobile device or computer, you can control your video system and quickly report threats of danger or suspicious activity. Some of the features include:

  • Visibility from smartphone, tablet or computer… from anywhere!
  • Computer software makes it easy for you to view, playback and manage your surveillance system.
  • Custom view patterns, search tools, exporting, etc.

Your business can stay secure even when you’re not there.

Comm - Remote services
Our Process

The Upstate Advantage

System Design

We design the systems our clients use, and we continuously develop state-of-the-art security features.


Our expert security technicians will install your system for you, so you know it will be correct.

24/7 Monitoring

We offer live video monitoring as a custom video service. A tailored plan and scope of work is designed specifically for you.


Whenever you need us, we will be there to service and maintain your system.

Technology / Products


Two of the industry’s leading manufacturers offer high-grade commercial video surveillance security systems. We incorporate these surveillance devices into our custom security solutions.